Windowed fringe pattern analysis

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Synopsis This book provides solutions to the challenges involved in fringe pattern analysis, covering techniques for full-field, noncontact, and high-sensitivity measurement. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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Windowed Fringe Pattern Analyis

Comparison of Fourier transform, windowed Fourier transform, and wavelet transform methods for phase extraction from a single fringe pattern in fringe projection profilometry L Huang, Q Kemao, B Pan, AK Asundi Optics and Lasers in Engineering 48 2 , , Frequency guided methods for demodulation of a single fringe pattern H Wang, Q Kemao Optics express 17 17 , , Sequential demodulation of a single fringe pattern guided by local frequencies Q Kemao, SH Soon Optics letters 32 2 , , Applications of windowed Fourier fringe analysis in optical measurement: a review Q Kemao Optics and Lasers in Engineering 66, , Windowed Fourier transform method for demodulation of carrier fringes Q Kemao Optical Engineering 43 7 , , Edited by:.

Sally Gao. Online since:. February Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. But the fringe phase pattern of ESPI always comes with large noise when using phase-shifting technique.

  • Generalized Gabor-S transform for fringe pattern analysis - IEEE Conference Publication.
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  • Windowed Fringe Pattern Analysis Spie Press Monograph Pm239.
  • In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, it is very important to eliminate the noise of the phase fringe pattern. Abstract: A discrete fractional cosine transform with arbitrary period is proposed, which is a linear combination of discrete fractional cosine transform DFRCT.


    We propose a new image encryption algorithm based on the discrete fractional cosine transform with arbitrary period, and set up some experiments by the different image block methods. The specific steps of encryption and decryption are given, and this encryption algorithm in items of many evaluation indexes is analyzed.

    The results of the detailed analysis demonstrate that the encryption algorithm effectiveness, efficiency and ability to resist brute-force attack are satisfying. Abstract: In this research we undertake a study of image compression based on the discrete cosine transform DCT and discrete wavelet transform DWT. In experiments, the results outperform the only DCT and the only DWT typically higher in peak signal-to-noise ratio and have better visual quality.

    Generalized Gabor-S transform for fringe pattern analysis - IEEE Conference Publication

    Digital Image Watermarking Program. Abstract: This paper proposes digital image watermarking algorithm in DCT domain which makes use of the unique nature of chaotic sequences to encrypt binary image watermarking with copyright information via chaotic sequences and then embeds watermarking component of different strengths in DCT domain of different image blocks self-adaptively. Through the added Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise and JPEG compression and shear processing operations, the results show that the algorithm has a good visual masking and robustness.

    Abstract: Optical interferometry methods are widely used for measuring microdisplacement with nanometer accuracy. However, most commercially available optical interferometry systems are large and expensive for manufacturing applications.

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    In this study, we report the development of a low-cost portable optical interferometry microscope for factory use. The light source was a tungsten—halogen white lamp with an optical filter. The microscope has an objective lens with a numerical aperture of 0. To obtain phase shifted interferometry images, a piezoelectric actuator was used to monitor the table movement along the optical axis.

    The total cost of all system parts is approximately to US dollars. To evaluate the basic performance of the developed interferometry microscope, we measured a steel ball, the penetration mark of a Rockwell scale hardness indenter, and a gauge block surface with a bump.