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It felt like one minute I was reading about Mrs Koala's gentle struggles to protect her baby, and the next minute I was witnessing a hilarious chase scene in a sweet shop - the woman who owns the sweet shop furious that Blinky Bill has found his way in and has been merrily munching the sweets!

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It's very visual slapstick comedy. One thing I found particularly amusing about the book is Blinky Bill's complete disregard for rules or people's feelings - it is quite refreshing that there is absolutely no moral lesson to be learnt from this story! Blinky Bill's two conflicting motives are desire for adventure, and desire not to be hurt. He discovers a Frog school and asks to join, but ends up causing mayhem, and has to run off because he has landed on the teacher frog and totally squashed her - he actually thinks he's killed her, and is concerned only about the revenge that will ensue!


And there is a delightful scene where he invites himself to a rabbit's party, and spends the evening pulling the tail of an annoying lady rabbit, who eventaully realises it is him and takes him out to give him a good kicking! It's very rough and ready humour - no room for delicate feelings!

Blinky Bill is a naughty little koala, and his naughtiness creates humour, but so do the come-uppances he gets. I can imagine reading this as a child, rooting for him, although also having a sense of 'Well, he did deserve that! Blinky Bill is often quite rude, for instance, commenting insultingly on the appearance of other animals - so when animals comment on his appearance asking what that big black thing in the middle of his face is, for instance, having never seen a nose like his!

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He's got his just desserts. As well as the story, and the fact that the animals are obviously given human characteristics, there is a lot in the story about the actual lifestyles of the different sorts of animals, and how they differ.

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The rather rude comments the animals make about each others' differences is also informative! I feel a know a little about some of the various animals in Australia now. There are apparently more books in the series.

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I didn't like it enough to feel inspired to read more, but it was definitely a unique and fun read. View 2 comments.

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Blinky Bill is a young koala boy who is always getting into trouble. He often runs away from home and then immediately regrets his decision to run away. While running away, he meets many other animals. Pinky rated it really liked it May 02, Jessica Murray rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Sarah rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Tess rated it liked it Mar 22, Esther Keeler rated it really liked it Jan 05, Julie-Ann rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Glenys Smart rated it really liked it Oct 15, Dawn rated it really liked it Oct 05, Allyson Foster rated it liked it Aug 27, Avebury rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Megan Worthy rated it really liked it Sep 14, Elizabeth Winnel rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Maciejewski rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Shanti Whitaker rated it liked it Dec 24, Christina Packard rated it liked it Jul 08, Michaela rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Caitlin Hirini rated it it was amazing Mar 20, Sonja rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Marina Neira McKinzie rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Rachael Collins rated it really liked it Dec 25, Jennifer rated it really liked it Jan 13, Path rated it liked it Jun 10, Chenoa rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Kgf rated it really liked it Jul 30, Nicole rated it liked it Feb 13, Kathryn Easthope rated it really liked it Jan 01, Heather rated it really liked it Jun 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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