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The pupil size is measured, its shape and any asymmetry is tested.

Facial Palsy

A commonly used abbreviation to describe normal pupils is PERRLA pupils equal, round and reactive to light and accommodation. Pupillary light reflex is tested by having the patient stare into the distance as the examiner shines the penlight obliquely into each pupil.

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Pupillary constriction is tested for on the eye examined direct response and on the opposite eye consensual response. The swinging flashlight test involves moving the light between the two pupils. Normally both direct and consensual responses are ellicited when the light shines on an eye, and some dilation will occur during the swing between.

Corneal reflex is conducted along with the facial nerve section of the test.

Cranial Nerve Examination - OSCE Guide (New Version)

Note the sensory innervation of the cornea is provided by the trigeminal nerve while the motor innervation for blinking the eye is provided by the facial nerve. Muscles of mastication temporalis , masseter should be inspected for atrophy. Palpate the temporalis and masseter as the patient clenches the jaw.

The pterygoids can be tested by asking the patient to keep the mouth open against resistance, and move from side to side against resistance. A jaw jerk reflex can be tested by placing a finger over the patient's chin and then tapping the finger with a reflex hammer. Normally the jaw moves minimally. Test muscular strength by trying to open them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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    How to Assess the Cranial Nerves

    Retrieved 27 June Medical examination and history taking. Inspection Auscultation Palpation Percussion. Temperature Heart rate Blood pressure Respiratory rate. Respiratory sounds Cyanosis Clubbing. Precordial examination Peripheral vascular examination Heart sounds Other Jugular venous pressure Abdominojugular test Carotid bruit Ankle-brachial pressure index.

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    Liver span Rectal Murphy's sign Bowel sounds. Murphy's punch sign.

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    Mental state Mini—mental state examination Cranial nerve examination Upper limb neurological examination. Apgar score Ballard Maturational Assessment. Well-woman examination Vaginal examination Breast examination Cervical motion tenderness. Medical diagnosis Differential diagnosis.

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    Medical diagnostics. Also adversely affect the fourth and sixth nerve , causing impairment of their activity. Rehabilitation third nerve palsy is rarely described in the available literature. The whole process is very difficult , but the effects of physiotherapy is very beneficial for the patient. The aim:The assessment of the influence of the outpatient rehabilitation on the patient's condition after a three-month treatment and the use of physical therapy. The patient started the rehabilitation a month after the incident.