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It is therefore more rewarding to whittle down his shields and health, and let CL4P-L3K score the kill.

This prompts Tassiter to request that the robot be sealed in the room so it can be retrieved later, but there is an alternative option of simply destroying CL4P-L3K instead. There is a console just outside the room that will seal the door on CL4P-L3K, which will close the door once every participating Vault Hunter is out.

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Sealing the door sets the mission reward as the Globber , while destroying the robot yields the Systems Purge for the reward. No Problem! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

The Empty Billabong. Sterwin Forever.

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He went a two kilometres west, across Vaiusu Bay, to set up headquarters at Vaiusu. No record was made of what happened to the people in it. Other ships then began firing. Several men were wounded at the US Consulate. At no point that day, or in the weeks to follow, was any attempt made by the Anglo-Americans to account for those they killed and wounded. They were fired ruthlessly into homes along the shore, occupied, for the most part, by women and children.

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Ashore Anglo-American marines and bluejackets terrorised people with rifle and machine gun fire. Now it is your turn to do something. Go in, never mind what happens, be brave, do not be afraid to get killed. If you are killed good will come out of it, for in time to come even if you are not here your sons and daughters will profit by what you now do. One poured shots a minute into the village church.

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No one checked how many were killed. But that ended on 1 April, in what would become the Second Battle of Vailele. They moved on and destroyed Vailele and Letogo villages. The foreigners suffered a resounding battlefield defeat, with many killed.