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There was a nice lady who was in her chair reading a book. I said that, too. The first, the kind lady on the beach took. So it can be done, you just have to work at it a little bit! I want to be in the pictures with my family , not just take them of my kids! See more about that in my push to Capture the Joy in front of the lens.

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Handmade bath bombs are easier to make than you think. Choose the scent you want, mix ingredients and pop it into a mold for inexpensive fragrant bomb.

Do you love throwing these in your bath?? Handmade bath bombs are actually so easy to make and SO much cheaper than buying them in the store. Building a compost bin of your own is quite easy!

DIY divorce or dissolution in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

These paper planes are perfect for kids β€” just fold, and let your imagination fly. Increase the challenge by making some cardboard targets for the planes to fly through. When skipping through the sprinkler loses its charm, pull out these homemade spiky sponges for a riff on water balloons that won't cause bruising. Handprint turkey, step aside: A new paper craft can rule the roost.

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Add string to the cup's sides, and you've got yourself a feathered cap, too. This mom takes rock painting a step further: After the paint's dry, the images on the stones become characters in a story everyone can tell together.

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To you, it's just glitter; to them it's magical pixie dust. Sprinkle some over your pint-sized garden and wait for the fairies to come out and play! When the fun of folding origami frogs is over, extend playtime with sidewalk games to see which hopper can jump the furthest. Sure you could use potatoes, but halved bell peppers make their own intricate designs when dipped in paint. Try shades of green for shamrocks, or a pastel palette for a wearable flower garden.

Strips of scrapbooking paper look super cute when rolled into beads, but you can also have your kids experiment with wrapping paper, magazine clippings, or newsprint for a craft you can do without going to the store. Transform your salad spinner into a carnival-style spin art machine. Just make sure you fill squeeze bottles with washable paint, in case splatters land outside of the coffee filter canvas.

Do it Yourself

Take your washi tape stash to the floor to create a colorful, customizable race track for tiny cars β€” and a place to park them when playtime is over. Because the only thing better than making a mom-approved mess is doing so with the extra fun of polka dots. Can you guess what they're made from? File this under genius parenting hacks: A piece of rain gutter picked up at the hardware store becomes a slick race track when you add water and an adorable soap boat.

Decorate twigs with embroidery floss, beads and jingle bells to add a bit of whimsy to your yard. Celebrate your kid's love of doodling by making temporary tattoos out of her own art. It's a project that bends but doesn't break! It's a twist on the classic science fair exhibit: Bend pipe cleaners into letters or shapes, and watch them grow sparkles overnight in a borax solution. Don't worry β€” we're not suggesting you surrender your patio doors to your kids' artistic ambitions.

31 Fun DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas

This activity uses a clever dollar-store find and just water, so it's totally removable. This three-ingredient recipe is a little bit art, a little bit science. The paintable foam which kids can pipe out of plastic bags hardens overnight into super-cool, puffed-up masterpieces. Type keyword s to search.

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